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We not only place great value on finding the right match during one-sided selection of applicants, but also start by making highly selective, conscious decisions as to which potential clients we take on. The employers’ philosophy and corporate culture are the deciding factors for us.

We only accept client assignments for collaboration on an exclusive basis. We often receive assignments from long-standing clients with whom we have developed a very trusting relationship and whose in-house structures, working practices and possible hiring managers we know. For that reason, it is always important to have direct contact with the relevant department.

Because the jobs available are often confidential or not available to the general market, it also makes sense to take the lead and proactively ‘turn the tables’ to find out about relevant career prospects and job offers for yourself.


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Sebastian Probst is the pioneering specialist to help you plan your career and life, and give you both the expert knowledge and the safety you need to make fundamental decisions about your future career.

Take your future into your own hands and give yourself key competitive advantages by getting expert advice on the next step in your career.

This process includes vital information about the current situation on the job market where you want to work, the selection process and positioning of potential employers, and assessment of your prospective salary and opportunities for advancement.

Developing a long-term, trusting relationship with a specialised recruitment consultancy is a very important part of planning your career.